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Blood On The Dance Floor

Holy shiitake mushrooms. I got to meet one of my idols tonight, the esteemed Dahvie Vanity. I got two pictures with him, but only because I accidentally deleted the first (he called me a dumbass, but I was his dumbass *preens*). I got 3 hugs and about 5 I love you’s. Dahvie Vanity is the sweetest man alive. I didn’t get to meet Jayy, but I swear I will next time. I also met violinist Brandy Wynn, and that bitch is awesome. I can’t wait to see BOTDF again, because I had the time of my life. I got to sing the chorus to Bitches Get Stitches, and helped Dahvie crowd surf. By the end of the set, I was so concert high I almost fell on my ass outside. I also didn’t know what was sweat and what was water… but it was so life changing, I don’t care. 100000000/100000000. I love you BOTDF, Millionaires, Cold Black and Crunkasaurus Rex. Thank you for the best night of my life.

So I made the genius decision to read THROAM. And so when im reading the part where Ryan gets all jealous bc of Shane and is telling Bden about it, Girls/Girls/Boys come on. So Ryro is telling Bden off and then all the sudden
“I don’t wanna hear youve got a boyfriend….”
I died laughing.
#ryden #throam #wow

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