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There is this interview with pete and patrick where Pete says that in the beginning of writing for Save Rock And Roll, patrick was just writing with him because he knew pete was going through some stuff. This lines makes me think of that, the idea that if pete is not okay, then patrick will drift to him. 

just saying pete once did an interview and said one of his talents was making himself shake really fast

Blood On The Dance Floor

Holy shiitake mushrooms. I got to meet one of my idols tonight, the esteemed Dahvie Vanity. I got two pictures with him, but only because I accidentally deleted the first (he called me a dumbass, but I was his dumbass *preens*). I got 3 hugs and about 5 I love you’s. Dahvie Vanity is the sweetest man alive. I didn’t get to meet Jayy, but I swear I will next time. I also met violinist Brandy Wynn, and that bitch is awesome. I can’t wait to see BOTDF again, because I had the time of my life. I got to sing the chorus to Bitches Get Stitches, and helped Dahvie crowd surf. By the end of the set, I was so concert high I almost fell on my ass outside. I also didn’t know what was sweat and what was water… but it was so life changing, I don’t care. 100000000/100000000. I love you BOTDF, Millionaires, Cold Black and Crunkasaurus Rex. Thank you for the best night of my life.

So I made the genius decision to read THROAM. And so when im reading the part where Ryan gets all jealous bc of Shane and is telling Bden about it, Girls/Girls/Boys come on. So Ryro is telling Bden off and then all the sudden
“I don’t wanna hear youve got a boyfriend….”
I died laughing.
#ryden #throam #wow

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